Tuesday, 9 February 2021

What is Radio Controlled Model Ship Building with Dean Marine?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you hear the words radio controlled model ships? Yes, it is the wood ship kit or a model that can be easily controlled through the radio and used in small areas of water. Dean Marine is a beautiful range of wood ship kitthat is provided by Ron Dean since 1981. With the idea that the model ship kits can be built and used in water to experience their working worked especially well for Ron. He even received awards for his attempts and proved with his studies that the radio-controlled ship kits were a possibility.

If you are searching for abest-in-class radio-controlled wood ship kit then you have come to the perfect place. Ages of Sail is among the distributors of radio-controlled Dean Marine ship model kits. we have a strong range of models that our customers can review and pick from. Along with the regular ship kits, our website and traditional stores have the best spare parts and additional materials to bring about change in the way you have been building ships until now. So, if you want the real experience, you might want to pick any one of the following mentioned models:

·         Anna Marie Heavy Lift Ship – RC Ready

·         Christiaan Bruning – RC Ready

·         City of Ely – RC Ready

·         Dufresne

·         Empire Susan

·         Grampian Pride

·         HMCC Badger

·         HMS Bronnington–RC Ready

·         HMS Bulldog – RCReady

While there are several models that are available with radio controls, Dean Marine appreciates the interests of customer who do not want radio controls and thus offers a wide range of normal wood ship kits as well. Ranging from wooden ship kits to plastic and metal, this company offers it all to the lovers of ship builders.


For many of our customers, ship building is not only about promoting their love for building something but also to find a way to reduce the complications that are proposed by life in general, on a regular basis. Ship building with friends and family members, can also be used as an excellent way to promote a family time or reason to unwind with friends. You can enjoy the time well spent and meantime get a ship built in lesser amount of time.

Dean Marine ships are an excellent way to give your experience in building ships, a brand new direction and improve your overall capability to build more complex ships in the future. If you are a perfectionist, you might need help with some extra tools for intricate joints or paints for a particular flag. Ages of Sail has it all for your, right in our store. Whatever you need, our professionals can give you the best guidance in town and allow you to improve the quality of your ships in no time.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website today or call our experts to bring about change in your outlook and give yourself the opportunity to believe in yourself with a brand new hobby today.

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