Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Wooden Ship Kit Building Guide for Beginner

Building different types of wooden ships is a very interesting hobby. People who have keen interest in historic ships used to invest in wooden ship kit models to fulfill their interest. Such ship kit models include a perfect combination of history, technology, and craftsmanship, and therefore, modelers take pride in flaunting their creations.

A wood ship kit is a miniature replica of a significant ship with tremendous historical value. Some very popular ship kit models, which are popular among the ship modelers are the Titanic, USS constitution, etc. You will also find popular models of yachts, sailboats, wood boats, warship and more. These ship kits come in wide range of size and detail. Based on your skill level, space, and budget, you can find wooden ship kits matching your preference and requirement. Building wooden ship kits can be a rewarding hobby for people who have a passion for historic sea ships and boats.

An Insight of Ship Kit Modelling

Model ship kits can be found across the world. In fact, there are many online stores that showcase all kinds of wood ship kits and deliver to almost all parts of the world. One thing worth mentioning here that model ships used to fragile and intricate nature and demands utmost care. Historic ships have complex structure and detailed craftsmanship, and therefore, you should be very careful while building ship models. Choosing a wooden ship kit to recreate any significant historic model should be done meticulously as it will set the tone of the entire craftsmanship.

It is imperative for the kit to include the right kind of material, hardware, and adhesives. Here are some common materials while modelling wood model kits:

·        Needle files

·        Calculator

·        Ruler

·        Hand-drill

·        Compass

·        Sanding paper

·        Clamp and fretsaw

·        Wood rasps

·        Hammer

·        Scissor

·        Tweezers

·        Magnifying glass

·        Glue

·        Pain and other finishes

Apart from having above-mentioned materials, you will also need good space to build a miniature of ship model. You can use a cart to organize all materials so that you get easy access to everything you need and avoid unnecessary mess. Mostly, modelers prefer to use a spare room to work on their hobby as it allows them to leave and pick any model kit as and when they want without disturbing others. You will also need a ship modelling plan, no matter which model you want to build. Some free plans are easily available online for simple wooden ship kit, but if you are planning to build a complex ship mode then you will need to buy a ship building plan, which will cost you a little extra.

Important Instructions

Before you start working on any ship model kit, you should take some time, and go through the plan and instruction. Check the packaging carefully to find out if manufacturer has given any important information on packaging. You should also check and organize all necessary building materials before you start working on the model kit to avoid any last minute hassle. To keep all materials in one place, you can use clear Ziplock bags as you can easily find them and protect them from the wear and tear.

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

What are Dumas and How Do They Qualify as a Wood Ship Kit?

The first Duma was a Tug boat that was built in 1984. Since then, the Dumas have gained a high amount of popularity for their speed, precision, high-quality and exceptional designing. If you are one of the designers that love to build the contemporary and modern wood ship kits or metal ship kits then the first thing that you need to do is know the Dumas and get the right one for your next project today.

Dumas are constantly being adapted and evolved by different countries. The benefits and the significance of the model can sweep the enemies from under them. They have won wars, helped in intelligence and even carried out flagship missions. If you are stuck in the 17th and 18th century until now, its time to visit the 19th and 20th century boats and ships. Let us give you a few names that would spark your curiosity in a matter of seconds.

·         Akula

·         Ace Sloop

·         American Beauty

·         37 Victory Tug

·         1949 Chris-Craft Racing Runabout

·         Lackawanna

·         Mt. Washington

·         Jersey City Tug and many more

We can simply go on and on about the different models that we have in this range. But that’s of no use, until you actually see one from your very own eyes. When you get your first Duma model and misplace a part or damage one, there is nothing to worry about.

Ages of Sail has a strong alliance with the manufacturers of the different models that you see with us. Our motive is to help you get the parts in the smallest time frame and at the best pricing possible. Give us one visit and see the magic happen right before you. Grab the first Duma model and let it give you a brand-new experience of wood ship kit building.

Our existing customers and builders have loved the experience that they have had with the compilation of these models. We would love to have you get the one that you are missing. At the most affordable pricing structure, Ages of Sail bring in the best quality wood ship kits and also help out with the parts in the shortest duration of time.

Whether you want the original Duma or the one adapted by other countries, Ages of Sail gives you complete information about the product and its background so you can make your choice perfectly clear. Our information model will also help you place just the right card in front of the model on your very own mantel or cabinet.

Dumas can help you flaunt your knowledge and boast about your experience with boats and ships from different times in the history of mankind. Don’t stop yourself from experimenting with something new. A brand-new boat model could lighten up your stress levels and give your existing cabinet of ships, a refreshing sight.

Call us now to get the best quotes in town. We are right here to help you pick the one model that would work wonders for you, at the most competitive pricing in the industry!

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

The Oldest and Most Lucrative Wooden Ship Kit – Cottage Industry Models

Ages of Sail is dealing in the Cottage Industry models since the late 1990s. It is among the most popular wooden ship kit that is purchased by builders until now. The highlight of the models is its ability to give you an almost accurate presentation of the ships and boats that were present during the Civil War. Every ship kit is designed keeping in view your love for ships and the aesthetics they bring to your home or office.

If you are looking for exemplary designs with ease to assembly then the Cottage Industry models are exactly what you need. Every component of the ship kit is manufactured with precision in mind and eye for quality. The accuracies may differ from person to person but the Cottage Industry Models make their best attempts to give you models that are as close as possible to the reality.

The Hunley kits are perceived to be the most accurate kits of ships in the world today. In the last 18 years, immense experience and skill is gained by the professionals at Cottage Industry Model Makers. Our recommendations are solely based on our own expertise. As we have gained more and more insight into the consumer expectations, we aspire to give you 100% satisfaction with every model that we propose.

Catch on some names of the best in class models of the Cottage Industry Line of wooden ship kits:

·         The Sea Coast Mortar

·         1/96th Scale Figures

·         CSS David

·         CSS Arkansas

·         CSS Hunley

·         CSS Palmetto State

·         CSS Albemarle and much more

If you are looking for a bigger or a smaller size of a particular ship that we are currently offering, Ages of Sail can get you the right model size as per your need. Our sole consideration is to understand your passion and give you just the right product for your next project. Every wooden ship kit in our portfolio of offerings is acquired from the best manufacturers and assemblers in the world.

Some of our customers love to have a model of a ship from every major event or war in history. If you are one of those ship lovers, we recommend you to browse through the different models and time zones from which we have ships that you can easily assemble and enjoy.

The Cottage Industry Models are majorly liked by the assemblers who have a love for the civil war, like diversity in their collection or are new to the genre of ship assembly. These are made available for people since a long duration of time. As new models have been introduced, the company continues to offer higher quality products and has increased the availability of spare parts for ease of use.

Ages of Sail helps you purchase the right wooden ship kit as per your personal likings. Tap on the box that attracts you the most and let us give you a thorough understanding of the background and why you would love it. Take free advice from professionals in the industry today!

Monday, 5 October 2020

Why Do I Need a Wooden Ship Kit?

Wooden Ship Kits are a very popular phenomenon today. A large number of people tend to purchase wooden ship kits and carefully construct different kinds of ships for their personal entertainment. While some stores sell only the spare parts, Ages of Sail appreciate your love for wooden ship kits and bring to you a comprehensive package of ship compilations. There are several people who ask on why a person would actually need a wooden ship in their homes? From what we have learnt from our customers, wooden ships tend to give them immense joy.

Wooden ships and their collection are not only a hobby for some people but a kind of passion. As artists love canvas, there are several collectors who love to buy wooden ship kits and compile the ships as a hobby. With the best in class materials, our wooden ships do not get damaged easily or break with sudden moves. The techniques and tools required to compile a wooden ship are not common. It requires great strength, perseverance and passion for building such intricate things.

Our experience with wooden ship kits has brought us closer to ship lovers who have a big collection of all types of ships. Fascination with ships and their beauty has led to collectors buying all types of models from Ages of Sail and building ships that decorate their homes and mantels. The wooden ship kits offered by Ages of Sail come along with a step by step instruction manual to help builders in compiling their ships in the shortest duration of time and with amazing results.

With our long history of ships and varied models, many people find themselves obsessed with ships and their aesthetics. The last world war displayed some extraordinary strength in navy by the leading countries and their technicians. Our attempts to recreate some of the most popular ships have helped us in acquiring a higher number of customers with the same passion. There are more than 6000 different models of ships available today. Ages of Sail make it possible for you to add new models to your collection and replace the broken parts in case the need arises.

Wooden ship kits help you in exploring your love for ships at very affordable costs. We don’t believe in charging you extremely high prices while you explore your passion for this art. Although you might have some tools at home to build the wooden ships already; however, Ages of Sail also exhibit some of the latest and high quality tools for the novice lovers. Ship assembly has become easier than never before. Durability and safety of use are the main values that set us apart from our competitors.

Wooden ship kits and ship construction is gaining a high momentum in different parts of the world. You definitely need a hobby to kill all the stress that you acquire from your professional workplace. With the existence of this hobby, you don’t need a high investment of funds while you keep exploring new models of ships that you would love to decorate your home or office. 

Monday, 27 July 2020

How Can Building Model Boat Kits Help You as a Hobby?

If you build model boat kits in your fee time, there are high chances you already know the tremendous health benefits it offers, and how it can help you improve your cognitive function. People who are not familiar about how building a boat models as a hobby can help, here are some incredible benefits of modeling boat kits-
 Improve Artistic Skills

Your brain gets a new challenge and much -required exercise when you start working on any boat model as a project. Building any model kit is an art, and while you follow the instruction, directions, or paint it accurately, you improve your artistic skills and satisfy your brain. It is always up to you how you build your model boat, but exploring new and innovative ways always appeal to you, and keep things interesting.

Let you Live the History

Whether you are building model kits of any bomber used in the world war, or a muscle car, it gives you a unique opportunity to learn about the history of the vehicle and live it again. It is advisable to go online and explore all historical model boat kits and other relevant facts to decide which model will match your interest. It is important to learn about your model before start building the model kit will excite you even more to complete it.

 Enhance Your Organization Skills

Model boats come in different shapes and sizes, and each has hundreds of parts to compile. Regardless of your skill level, you must be able to complete the model kit by organizing the components of the kit and following a series of guidelines to complete building the model kit.

Attention to detail is very important while following the steps. In case you skip any step, you would end up with parts you have no idea where to install or a model that looks nothing like you envisioned. Advanced modelers can do some experiment with the looks, but for beginners, it is advisable to stick to the guidelines provided with the boat kit.

Reduce Stress Level

Building model boats can be an amazing stress reliever. Take a break from your busy lifestyle, and spend some hours making an eye-pleasing model is indeed relaxing, and satisfactory. Whether you are doing high-stress jobs, or enjoy your alone time, boat kit building is an excellent way to burst stress and exercise your brain by following the instruction and working on the paint scheme.

Create Your Collection

 If you love making a collection, model boat kits can be a wonderful hobby. Along with the benefits we listed above, at the end of the building process, you will be left with a mind-blowing boat model of a classic boat that you could proudly display on the shelf and appreciate for years. In order to keep up the interest level, it is important to choose the boat type or segment based on what exactly appeal you, and then work on building a collection. 

Monday, 15 June 2020

Top 3 Best Wood Ship Kits for Beginners to Try in 2020

Wood ship kits are pure bliss for people who have an interest in ship models and find building them very satisfactory. However, if you’re new to this world, let us help you choose the right ship model kit that not only matches your interest, but also improve your craftsmanship skills. Here are the top 3 wooden model ship kits that we recommend for beginners-

Caldercraft- HMS Victory

The Caldercraft – HMS is one of the most popular ship models, and perfect for you to begin with. Not only this ship is eye-pleasing, but also upholds some historic value. It belongs to the place where Nelson died and is known for its contributions to Trafalgar battle.
The HMS is magnificent and has a double plank-on-bulkhead construction hull built in lime and walnut. Since it comes with pre-cut gun ports, you no need to spend time in shaping up the ports. The rest of the ship model will require a lot of skill and experience, but you will get a detailed instruction guide to help you put parts in place and build the Caldercraft HMS without any hassle.

We recommend HMS to beginners who have an interest in detailed models, and want some historic value attached to the ship kit.

US Brig Syren- Model Shipways

Another historic ship model with incredible beauty! The original syren was built in 1803 by Nathanial Hutton. One distinctive factor about this ship model is that it comes with a variety of build logs, historical photos, and a very comprehensive instruction guide.
US Brig Syren has a plank on bulkhead with laser-cut, basswood keel and bulkheads. It comes with self-adhesive copper that will take support with plating the hull below the waterline. You will get an extensive fitting package, which includes photo-etched brass detailing, some over 200 wooden blocks and deadeyes, brass eyebolts, and many other fine details.

Artesania Latina

Artesania Latina is known as New England’s whaleboat. This magnificent ship model kit is build using high precision laser cut pieces which is perfect for beginners and can also fascinate experienced builders. You will get a comprehensive instruction guide to introduce you to some complex building techniques without being very difficult to follow.

America Cherry is the primary wood used to build such wooden ship kits. You will find all pieces and details inside the kit aside from tools to build the model. The common details are brass and cast iron, and some pre-sewn snails. You will also get some rigging threads in different colors and weights to create visual interest and imitate historic details.
We recommend Artesania Latina for beginner because it is a smaller model; just 12 inches long by 13 inches high. So, you can easily build this amazing ship model without facing any problem.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

5 Different Types Of Adhesives To Use For Scale Modeling

If you have been building ship model kits for a while now, you most likely have your own tried and true adhesives and epoxies that have helped you finish your preferred projects. However, if you are a beginner, or you have turned out to be annoyed with your “go-to” adhesive, here is a quick breakdown of some of the available alternatives. The following are the five most common types of glues that can be effectively used for scale modeling:

1.       Epoxy Resin
It is a two-part adhesive that is made up of a paste and a hardener. Epoxy resins will attach more or less any type of two different surfaces jointly. Blending is needed prior to the application of epoxy resins, and drying time will normally be slower as compared to super glues, even though there are faster blends available. The final result is a very strong bond, even though the amalgamation of mixing, hardening time, and general mess means that it is far less usually used for building scale models.

2.       Cyanoacrylate or Super Glue (CA)
Super glue is an extensively utilized adhesive in the world of scale modeling. Whether it is joining metal to plastic or metal to metal, this adhesive comes out to be extremely useful. This glue has a tendency to set very quickly, so additional precaution is supposed to be taken at the time of lining up the components of ship model kits in order to keep away from a tricky fix afterward.
In addition, you need to be extra cautious to keep away from getting it on your skin because thumbs and fingers form a loving bond if you are not watchful.

3.       Canopy Glue
Canopy glue is most excellent for joining plastic to plastic. Such adhesives have the advantage of simple application and a clear finish – in other words, no nasty white spots after the glue has dried on the components of the scale model. Even though the bond is not super strong, however, it is a handy tool when it comes to building smaller scale models.

4.       Aliphatic Glue
Aliphatic glue is also known as wood glue and it is the same as PVA. However, this glue has a tendency to soak into joints better and a stronger bond is formed as a result. It even has a higher resistance to sand and water, and sets much faster as compared to PVA glue. As should be understandable by its generic name, aliphatic glue is just right for bonding wood to wood.

5.       Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) Adhesive
PVA is one of the most popular commercial and domestic glues and it is based on water. This adhesive is normally best suited for landscaping or building dioramas, where it can be spread over a larger surface. Even though it has a weaker hold as compared to clear glues, it is very simple to use, reasonably priced alternative for building ship model kits. It is a perfect alternative when it comes to adding finer details to a display like stones or grass, and it is even quick to take away, if you do make any errors.