Tuesday, 17 November 2020

What are Dumas and How Do They Qualify as a Wood Ship Kit?

The first Duma was a Tug boat that was built in 1984. Since then, the Dumas have gained a high amount of popularity for their speed, precision, high-quality and exceptional designing. If you are one of the designers that love to build the contemporary and modern wood ship kits or metal ship kits then the first thing that you need to do is know the Dumas and get the right one for your next project today.

Dumas are constantly being adapted and evolved by different countries. The benefits and the significance of the model can sweep the enemies from under them. They have won wars, helped in intelligence and even carried out flagship missions. If you are stuck in the 17th and 18th century until now, its time to visit the 19th and 20th century boats and ships. Let us give you a few names that would spark your curiosity in a matter of seconds.

·         Akula

·         Ace Sloop

·         American Beauty

·         37 Victory Tug

·         1949 Chris-Craft Racing Runabout

·         Lackawanna

·         Mt. Washington

·         Jersey City Tug and many more

We can simply go on and on about the different models that we have in this range. But that’s of no use, until you actually see one from your very own eyes. When you get your first Duma model and misplace a part or damage one, there is nothing to worry about.

Ages of Sail has a strong alliance with the manufacturers of the different models that you see with us. Our motive is to help you get the parts in the smallest time frame and at the best pricing possible. Give us one visit and see the magic happen right before you. Grab the first Duma model and let it give you a brand-new experience of wood ship kit building.

Our existing customers and builders have loved the experience that they have had with the compilation of these models. We would love to have you get the one that you are missing. At the most affordable pricing structure, Ages of Sail bring in the best quality wood ship kits and also help out with the parts in the shortest duration of time.

Whether you want the original Duma or the one adapted by other countries, Ages of Sail gives you complete information about the product and its background so you can make your choice perfectly clear. Our information model will also help you place just the right card in front of the model on your very own mantel or cabinet.

Dumas can help you flaunt your knowledge and boast about your experience with boats and ships from different times in the history of mankind. Don’t stop yourself from experimenting with something new. A brand-new boat model could lighten up your stress levels and give your existing cabinet of ships, a refreshing sight.

Call us now to get the best quotes in town. We are right here to help you pick the one model that would work wonders for you, at the most competitive pricing in the industry!

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